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Olivia Henry

Project Manager


Creative Director

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Steve Johnson

Creative Director

1200 Sq ft of creativity


Shannon Johnson

Art Director

 Having tens of thousands of hours of experience on professional publishing software and hardware that really matters is a claim not many companies can make. Well, plenty can make the claim, but only a few really mean it... and even fewer can back it up with the real world results which we produce every day.
Signs, Banners, Color Copies, Large Format Digital Color Posters, Printing, Copying and Graphic Design are just a few of the products and services we offer. And with the highest quality talent, most extensive software knowledge, and unbeatable hardware experience- D.T.Publisher has the powerful combination that it takes to be the market leader when it comes to digital service bureaus in Tampa.
 With the addition of laser cutting and laser engraving services seven years ago- D.T.Publisher - Tampa Trophy & Sign has now revolutionized graphics and sign services in Tampa Bay again! It's not just the 3rd dimension, it's all the new materials... wood, leather, acrylic, marble, granite, plastics, corian, glass, and many other solid surfaces can be engraved with photos, images, illustrations, and even shaped to into limitless creations. Whether you want to custom engrave a leather travel humidor, or create, cut and personalize Christmas ornaments with your children's photograph... "We do that!"
 There are some dishonest companies who try to capitalize on our excellent name and reputation.
  While some people mistakenly call us DTPublishing, DTPublishers, Desktop Publishers... there's only one original D.T.Publisher.
  After 30 years of serving West-central Florida, we've expanded, and now design, print and offer all our graphic services to South Georgia and North Florida!!! If we haven't gotten to visit you yet, please give us a call, and we'll get by just as soon as possible to see how we can make your life easier with great service, products and pricing. Call 813-843-2262 today.